Vale John Sargent

Vale John Sargent

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It is with much sadness that we inform you of the passing of John Sargent. John was well known throughout our community and has left behind a number of legacies. Firstly his great love which was Precision Scale Models and secondly Train Hobby Publications.

Growing up in the Riverina district of Southern New South Wales, John’s love of the railways started at a very young age and it would be very fair to say that he was one who “lived the dream!”

Precision Scale Models was established in 1989 with a mission to build the very best brass models railways for the Australian marketplace. “Quality Without Compromise” was the tagline which was embraced by PSM and that was all John was interested in delivering to his very loyal customers.

It was during the mid 1990’s that John began his publishing empire and it would be from that moment forward that he would revolutionise the way a locomotive would be profiled, a branchline would be brought back to life or a “C38” disappearing into a sunset would be enjoyed over and over again.

John passed away peacefully early on Sunday morning the 13th November 2011. While John’s vision, passion, intelligence and wit will be greatly missed, his friends I am sure, will ensure his memory and legacy will live on and on and on…